Odinium War

The Odinium War is a war event that occurs every two weeks where two alliances from a different war zone will fight each other. The time of this event is chosen by the leader of the alliance.

How to participate?

Players participating in Odinium can be decided by your alliance leader (R5). He is the only person who can form the Odinium team. This group will be composed of 2 teams:

-30 players in the 1st team (the "main" team).

-10 players in the 2nd team (the "bench").

Only 30 members per alliance can join the event at the same time, if there is a seat available, the fastest player on the bench will be able to enter. AttentionYou cannot participate in the event if you have troops in training, repair or off your base.

What do I need to know before I enter Odinium?

Here is a list of all the things I found relevant:

-All units lost during Odinium will be recovered at the end of the event, which means using your troops as a punching ball is not a problem.

-Only a few consumables are available during the event, you will not be able to purchase new items once indoors. These include gems, VIT, extra step sizes, gold (useless once inside) or paints.

Here is an example of an inventory during Odinium:

Note: Some items are not on this screen, but this gives you a general idea, the sections "Units", "Decor", "Hero" & "CPNT " will be empty.

-You will not be able to make changes on your components, defense etc... once entered because access to your base will be impossible. So make your preparations first!

-Troops can be repaired during Odinium but Wade will not work and the speeds-up will not be usable, the only solution is the gems (which are absolutely not worth the shot). Once you have left Odinium, you will no longer be able to enter it and therefore you will no longer be able to earn points for your wedding ring or yourself.

How is the map divided in Odinium?

Indeed, if you enter Odinium, you will be teleported on a brand new card after refreshing your game. In order to win Odinium, you must control a maximum of zones, you will find each of them below. Here is an overview:

On this new map you will find 7 different buildings:

Fortress: Once captured, it will give a small number of points to your alliance and to yourself.

Transfer Station: Once captured, it gives a small number of points to you and your alliance. But this building also allows 1 teleportation opportunity every 180 seconds.

Before teleporting to their respective areas, you must have conquered a station for more than 2 consecutive minutes.

The technical center of the Empire: once captured, it will bring you a normal number of points.

This building also grants a conqueror buff: +20% - Dmg increase of all units.

Empire Military Center: Once captured, it returns a normal number of points.

This building also grants a conqueror buff: +20% - walking speed.

Front Base: Once captured, it yields a high number of points.

Gem tiles: Once captured, they give a small number of individual points and gems.

Note: not all gem mines have the same amount of "Storage" gems, but the speed to harvest them is the same.

The bomb truck: this bomb will land every 10 minutes in the middle of the map. Once captured, it will earn you a lot of points. Most importantly, this bomb will attack an enemy facility by inflicting 20% Dmg on all opponents inside and removing their troops from the building.

Note: this truck loses 5% of its HP per attack so the 20th player who attacks it will be the owner, try to have the last hit! You can find all this information on this image:

Note: This image also shows the different locations of the buildings on the map.

How to know about matchmaking?

Once the Odinium has started, you can check the basic information of the other alliance but this information will not be really relevant because the CP does not mean anything.

So you will have to enter the Odinium to get more information. How to do it? Spy on everyone! Keep spying! It does not cost VIT during the event and it is a good way to check the statistics of each player. This way, you will know who can be dangerous and who should be avoided.

Do not teleport out of the safe zone until you have a rough idea of your opponents, otherwise you will only lose all your troops.

What is the strategy?

Before reading this part, keep in mind that Odinium is mostly a one-sided fight because of an unfair and impossible matchmaking for a camp. This is why this part is divided into 2: unfair matchmaking and fair matchmaking.

Unfair matchmaking: (most of the time)

As they say, unfair = almost no chance, so there is no miracle way to win. But you can still farmer on the gemstone tiles and make the supply depot that will land every 10 minutes in the middle of the map.

These will be practically the only ways to earn points for your ranking and you will not be able to leave the safety zone.

Fair Matchmaking:

If you have a fair matchmaking, then you can really have fun during this event! But if your goal is to win, a strategy can be useful.

Golden rule: always keep your best step safe if you don’t attack a player where this step can win or deal substantial damage, and keep an eye on all your units outside your base.

One of the main things to do during Odinium is to never play alone, play as a group. These groups should be: (this is just my perspective)

The weakest players: (support + points)

Role: collect points where they can, usually "fortresses", continue to spy on enemies and inform stronger players of their movements.

Average players: (buffs + points)

Role: capture buff zones = "Empire Military & Tech Center" for the whole alliance and collect points on riskier areas like silos.

The strongest players: (front line + protection)

Role: to be almost everywhere, to weaken the enemies by taking the opposing "Tp stations" to carry the enemies if they teleport there. They must also protect their allies with reinforcements.

Note: the "weakest" players ", "means" or "strong" players are based on the participants of your alliance, an Lv.80 can easily be considered a "weak" player for example.

What are the rewards?

If you participated in Odinium, you can claim 2 types of rewards. The rewards of the alliance that will be different if you have won or lost Odinium, these include the result and participation.

The individual points where all players who went to Odinium will compete.

The individual points where all players who went to Odinium will compete.

You will also get some extra rewards depending on the number of points you have collected, these will be different if your alliance won or lost Odinium.

Note: The difference between winner and loser rewards is approximately par 2.

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